I am Freedom: Visionary activist, citizen journalist, environmentalist, mother and yogini. I am here to help create a world that works for everyone. Through non violent action, and by being the change we wish to see in the world, we can grow this evolutionary movement .

It’s all I’ve done since October 1st,2011 when we marched to City Hall and pitched our tents. I’m deeply involved with the camp and have been documenting it since Day 1. I’ve been involved with the creation and/or activities of several committees at OLA including yoga & meditation, food, mediation, volunteers, actions, facilitations , gardening, outreach , actions, PR, social media , media and entertainment/education.

OccupyFreedomLA has been a primary source of breaking news at the Occupy Los Angeles movement. My coverage is 100% funded by small donations and I receive no money or equipment from the OWS/OLA organizers. I am independent, and strive to be a reliable and compelling source of news.I’ve written blog posts and taken photos, and now created a Ustream TV Channel ustream.tv/occupyfreedomLA so can take you all with me to the front lines of this long overdue an essential evolution.

As a new media platform of citizen journalism fueled by small donors emerges, I will continue to report from the front lines during the ongoing media blackout and provide an unfiltered lens of breaking developments . Occupy Los Angeles was forcefully evicted from Solidarity Park Tuesday No. 29th. The occupation continues with direct actions and General Assembly meetings on the West Steps of City Hall at 7:30 every M/W/F/Saturday. Please come and participate in this unfolding of history.

I am committed to ensure OccupyFreedomLA remains a reliable, in-depth source of news about Occupy LA and the Occupy Movement in general. Please connect with me, ask me anything. We are in this together, and co-creating a world that works for everyone is my goal.

love, light & solidarity,